Donuts In An Empty Parking Lot

dan k
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Donuts In An Empty Parking Lot

by: dan k on

I was doing donuts in an empty parking lot until someone came up and started recording me. He was definitely not the owner of the property but can anything come out of this if he shows the video to the police?

I won't lie I was pretty stupid for doing this because it was in the middle of the day. In my defence (if any) I wasn't being inherently dangerous to anyone other than myself and it was a large and completely empty parking lot, secluded from public road. The guy must've heard and walked towards me.

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by: bend on

If a police officer didn't appear, the chances of being charged are slim to none.

If you were to be charged, it wouldn't fall under the highway traffic act. Obviously, an element of the charge would require the act take place on a highway.

Whatever the charge may be, it would come from somewhere else. For example, there's Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle, which would be a criminal offense.

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by: iFly55 on

At the most they may submit a "Road Watch" report. Depending on the jurisdiction, they will follow up and if your face is clearly visible then charges could be laid.

The individual shooting the video will have to appear as a crown witness and give evidence.

The only applicable charge would be Dangerous Driving under the Criminal Code if it was done in a private parking lot. It's highly unlikely, they would lay such a serious charge.

At the most, they would show you the video and give you a warning. Part of the Roadwatch program allows police to your vehicle/driving for a period of time to see if they can charge you on the road.

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