Handicap Parking ticket - Parking without transporting

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Handicap Parking ticket - Parking without transporting

by: bwalsh on
Wed Feb 06, 2013 2:00 pm

Any help would be appreciate here! Thanks in advance.

Last year in the days following my future Father-in-law's funeral, I was running around helping out the family take care of a lot of things with his vehicle (handicap sticker visible). I ran into a store to grab something for one of his family's members and parked in a handicap spot. When I came back to the vehicle a few minutes later, I was approached and ticketed by either a parking attendant or an officer - I really don't know which. The $450 ticket was presented listing the vehicle's licence plate information and stated that it was for parking in a handicap space while not transporting.

The notice was sent to his farm weeks later but we didn't see it until a month or so after the deadline for payment so a trial was requested by default. The trial is next week (just found out after picking up the mail at the farm).

I'm wondering if my fiance should attend. He is the executor of the estate. The car has since been sold and plates have been turned in.

If the owner of the vehicle is deceased and the ticket was on the plates themselves, what happens if no one shows to the trial? I'm wondering specifically if the estate will be responsible for the ticket or if they would attempt to find out my info and reissue the ticket to me. I honestly can't remember if I handed my drivers license to the officer or if he took down any info on me.

Can someone advise what happens to parking tickets if the plates have been returned and the owner is deceased? I just don't want the family stuck with a fine...
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by: daggx on
Thu Feb 07, 2013 1:10 am

They ticket was issued to the owner of the vehicle, so your father in law will be listed as the defendant in this matter. Since he has passed away I don't think there is anything they can really do to collect the fine. That having been said, I would still have the executor of the estate attend court with a copy of the death certificate. He can present it to the prosecutor before trial at which point they will most likely withdraw the charge. This will make sure you don't have a collection agency calling up and harassing your family a year from now looking to collect money from someone who has passed away. While I don't think the estate would owe any money it is probably better to get everything sorted out now then to wait for it to go to collections.
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