Leased Vehicle Parked on Driveway No insurance illegal?

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Leased Vehicle Parked on Driveway No insurance illegal?

by: superally on
Thu Apr 07, 2011 9:59 pm

My Insurance was recently cancelled for no-payment on my leased vehicle,it's parked on my driveway while I'm searching for new insurance or just giving it back to the dealership (it may be too expensive now).
I received in the mail recently the lease company requesting notification of new insurance as the insurance company had informed them of the cancellation.
Question..Does the Lease company notify the police of the un-insured vehicle? (I had a cop sit outside my house this evening for a period of time,rather suspiciously.)?
Is it illegal to have a parked (leased) vehicle on my private driveway for this short period of time?
I have NO intention to drive would i return it to the dealership in these circumstances.
Have I broken the law in any way? This news of cancellation is relatively new to me in the past 2/3 days?

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by: Squishy on
Thu Apr 07, 2011 11:06 pm

As far as the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act goes, you're okay as long as you don't drive it. Obviously, if vandals or mother nature hit it, you're not covered. Not sure about the lease agreement requirements as I've never leased a vehicle before.
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