76km/h in 60km/h and failing to insurance slip

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76km/h in 60km/h and failing to insurance slip

by: phew on
Sat Dec 01, 2012 9:10 pm

So I got pulled over today for the first time. He said I was going 76km/h in 60km/h. And I didn't had my insurance slip with me then. I was going for a test and was running late and was quite nervous as well so didn't ask him anything, he just said bring your insurance slip to the court! I actually didn't even realized I got two tickets until later when I read them properly(I thought they were two copies or something). Need some advise on what the best plan of action would be.

I didn't knew exactly about the points system[3 pts for 16 over :( ] I found this out while doing some research for the past one hour to understand the implications of the ticket and what my next step should be. And this is what is driving me crazy, I have read so many post about officers writing much lower then what ppl were actually driving. In my case, he just had to make it 15 from 16 but he did not. (its not R either)

The tickets are (total payable) $55 and $65 for speeding and not surrendering insurance respectively. From what I understand it would result in 3 points :@ (is not mentioned on the ticket). I am thinking if I go see the prosecutor he will (hopefully) reduce it to 15km/h over and may be reduce or waive the insurance ticket.

Should I challenge this and go to trial. I have seen a lot of ppl encouraging this option.

(I also plan to ask my insurance company what effects would a single 15km/h over speeding ticket would have . But I am afraid they might become over efficient and make a note of that)

This happened in Toronto.
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