Expired License + Driving no insurance with caveat

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Expired License + Driving no insurance with caveat

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So I was pulled over by a cop for an expired license. I received a fine of $325 for this.
I also had cancelled my insurance previously because I was in and out of work and finding it tough to afford.
The caveat here is that when asked for registration and proof of insurance I handed him an insurance card that stated it was still active.
The officer found out later and phoned me and to make sure I didn't just switch insurance companies he also said to expect a Summon shortly.
I was nervous on the phone and tried to get away with it.
I am 26 with no priors. Speeding ticket a couple years ago (had insurance in that instance)

First question is Should I be worried about receiving jail time?
Secondly what are my chances of getting the fines reduced?


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1) That's very dependent on what you've actually been charged with. If it's strictly for the offence of not having insurance, I believe it's just a fine (albeit a large one) associated with the offence. If you've also been charged criminally for obstructing police (by providing a false statement) then it's a possibility, but still unlikely if you've never had any prior police dealings.

2) I'd say unlikely, especially since you mislead police. You may want to consider hiring a paralegal to represent you, since the minimum fine on a first offence is $5,000.

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