Careless driving running through red light

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Careless driving running through red light

by: a3725306 on
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I got into a accident with another vehicle at the intersection of Burnhamthorpe Road and Credit view road last Saturday in Mississauga. Thank god
that no one was injury, after the police came, she gave me a careless driving with a charge of $400, total payable is $490. Before the accident happened, I was driving on Burnhamthorpe road to the east with gifts for my mom. 100 meters before the traffic light, I believed I saw a green light, but next second my mind blank out, then seconds later when I noticed the traffic light turned to red, I couldn't make an immediate stop because I was at 60km/hr at the intersection.

I think the reason behind the absent mind is the difference between the temperature inside the store and outside the store because I had been coming in and out from some stores with strong air conditioning. If I am not wrong, the temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius with the sun high in the sky. I understand that it sounds ridiculous.

I decide to plea down for the charge, is there anything that I have to be concern about before attending the court? Because I am not familiar with the court system. I am also very worry that the points will stay at 6 because I am a G2 driver and my insurance company will be unpleasant about this.

Many thanks for your advices
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