Careless Driving - For Running Stop Signs On A Bicycle

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Careless Driving - For Running Stop Signs On A Bicycle

by: HubbaBubbaBoo on

Hi, so I was biking to work, in a residential area in Toronto where there are many cyclists and most - the vast majority - do not stop at the various stop signs at intersections. These are small intersections, if there's a car in the way and it's their right of way I do not cut them off, I never do, and I never run a red light. Today, I did not impede or interfere with car traffic, did not get in the way of pedestrians, did not cut anyone off, no weaving in and out of traffic, no collisions, etc. No dangerous actions (aside from the running of the stop signs, which I of course concede is dangerous in itself).

I was pulled over after a stop sign that I rode through (right behind one other man who also rode though it) and was told I ran through three stop signs, and was issued a ticket for careless driving.

I'm happy to accept a ticket or failing to stop at a sign, or even multiple tickets, I understand everyone does it but still understand it's wrong. But I was told I was getting a careless driving ticket for the three stop signs. Isn't this a bit harsh? I have a clean driver's record. No incidents. Why didn't he stop me after my first alleged infraction? He told me this would teach me a lesson (or something to that effect).

I'm thinking I should request a meeting with the prosecutor to ask him to knock it to a lower offense... thoughts?


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by: mnstrcck on

I'd speak to the prosecutor and see what they offer.

Personally, I feel you received a ticket you deserved. I'm glad that the Police are finally beginning to crack down on what is becoming a major issue in the city of Toronto: cyclists who either don't know, or completely disregard the rules of the road. Using public roads is a privilege and ignorance of the laws is not an excuse. Neither is the fact that "others did it". Unfortunately for cyclists, they are not offered the same government mandated protection standards that vehicles do and by either hitting the roads without proper lights, disobeying traffic signs or generally not thinking about their actions, they put themselves and others at risk. Share the road.

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