"stunt driving" 154 in a 100 Hwy 407.... Help :(

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"stunt driving" 154 in a 100 Hwy 407.... Help :(

by: anonymouspeeder on
Fri Aug 26, 2011 10:44 am

Recently was driving down 407 and was following two cars doing same amount of speed they start braking i guess i was late to brake because next thing i know im in the back of a cruiser charged with stunt driving. Any info would help i have no idea what im dealing with here, i dont really care about how much money i lose i just cant afford to lose my license eeing how i commute to work everyday. i did notice some minor mistakes on the ticket itself my first name was spelled wrong and the license plate of my car was also spelled wrong. i never got a fine but a summons to appear in court ( good or bad)???? the officer also stated to me that since i was very co-operative for me to plead not guilty and when the time comes he will speak to the justice of peace and say i was co-operating and help me get a lesser charge any1 with any suggestions similar expieriences i need help i have no idea who to believe anymore.
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by: Stanton on
Fri Aug 26, 2011 3:17 pm

There is no set fine for stunt driving, so a summons is required. Since a summons isn't a charging document (like a regular ticket) the spelling errors aren't what would be considered a fatal error where the charge could simply be withdrawn.

I'd simply attend on your first Court date and enter a plea of not guilty while you consider how you want to proceed. Speak with the Crown, and see if they're willing to offer you a plea deal to a lesser offence. In my experience many Crowns will drop the stunt driving charge if you agree to plead guilty to the speeding offence. You'll also want to request disclosure, so that the Crown can provide you with a copy of all the evidence. You'll want to review the evidence and determine if the Crown can sufficiently prove it's case. I'd also suggest seeking the services of a paralegal due to the serious nature of your charges. Unfortunately any speeding conviction at 50+ will likely have serious insurance implications. It's unlikely you'll be given any additional suspension, unless you're a G2 driver since any 4 point conviction (like the speeding) can result in an automatic suspension.

And FYI, the officer can't speak to the Justice of the Peace and request a lesser charge. Only the Crown can offer you a reduced charge, the JP can only determine guilty.
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by: llvllax on
Sat Aug 27, 2011 8:34 pm

It took me 8 months and a lot of money but i got the officer to reduce the charge to 49 over from 55 over, but i think it was at the request of the crown.....hope you hire a good paralegal like me......well the first one i hired almost got me convicted but i fired her one day before trial and then got a great one.......Please fight this ticket, its not fair, the roadside punishment ALONE is enough......also i had G2 at the time, and i believe its 6 points for a suspension, i got 4 and i ve been waiting for mine, but i dont think ill get one because its 6 points for g2 good luck!!
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by: Shannon T. Kemp on
Sun Aug 28, 2011 4:58 pm

Seriously man...?? 50 over..?? How do people get themselves into these perdicaments...? You have to know your in for some serious penalties if you get caught, and sooner or later you will. Slow down man, I'm sure there are many folks who want you to reach your next birthday.


First, hire a reputable Paralegal. This is a serious charge with big implications on both your license status and your insurance. You need someone who knows what they are doing. Ensure they are licensed with the Law Society of Upper Canada because there are a lot of horrible advocates out there claiming to be Paralegals.

Second, I am not sure what that other guy who posted a comment is talking about, but the police can't reduce the charge once it has been issued, the Crown makes the decision with regard to how they want to prosecute. The Justice of the Peace is simply the decision maker (guilty or not guilty). Most often they (the Crown) will offer you a a deal that includes pleading guilty to a "lesser and included offence". Never listen to police who say they will talk to the JP or the Crown, it won't make a difference. The truth is most police know very little about the law (believe it or not). They know how to lay a charge but have no idea how the court system works, that's why many screw up and charges get tossed. Don't forget, there are many cops who have nothing more than a high school education.

Do some research, hire a good representative and order your disclosure as soon as possible. Perhaps you'll get lucky and the cop will have messed up on the testing of the radar gun....If it wasn't done exactely as per manufacturer's instructions it will be tossed.
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