Can Anyone Confirm The Fax Number For Toronto South?

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Can Anyone Confirm The Fax Number For Toronto South?

by: trenw on

Hello everyone,

Just wondering if anyone can still confirm that the fax number is (416) 338-6986

Toronto South Court Office

Old City Hall

60 Queen St. West

Toronto, ON

M5H 2M3

Can't seem to find it anywhere on the web and I figured I'd ask here before trying to call during the day.


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by: MartinBrice on

Ticket Combat lists that number as their current fax #, and I did send a fax there last week.

Does anybody know if the new-ish Toronto South Centre Avenue Office has a prosecutor's office on premises, or if they work out of Old City Hall? I have a court date there soon and I've never been there before. I want to send a disclosure request, however I'm unsure of exactly where to send it.

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