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Redlight Camera Ottawa - Form 5 Legal?

by: waterskiiichick on

Hi All,

I just received an Offence Notice on Form 5 and have read a few older threads on here that suggest this might not be legal, and they have to use another form such as Form 6.

Can anyone give me some current updated info on this? I did it, but would like a reduction or not to pay it at all if possible as I'm going through a really hard time financially right now.


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by: karra on

Can't help you re the forms - in Ottawa rlc tickets are dealt with by selecting trial - arriving early, say half an hour - speak with the prosecutor - offer to plead guilty if he will reduce the charge and inform him of your financial situation - if he won't reduce, then plead guilty when your name is called - the jp will ask the prosecutor for penalty, he will say set fine which is 260.00 taxed up to 325.00 - the jp will then ask you which is your opportunity to speak to your situation. This week, rlc ticket fines were being reduced to 225.00 + tax - not much of a reduction.

Prosecutors hate having to deal with rlc tickets - really hate it. They tend to get annoyed that people challenge then and take up time - the offers to resolve will diminish.

Those who take a rlc to trial can expect no relief in the fine when they lose - as they will.

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by: jsherk on

Option 2 still means you have to go to trial. Better to choose NOT GUILTY option and follow karra's advice above... show for trial and see if prosecutor will offer a plea. If not, plead guilty then give JP sob story on why you need fine reduced.

+++ This is not legal advice, only my opinion +++
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