Red Light Camera Ticket - Early Resolution Question

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Red Light Camera Ticket - Early Resolution Question

by: kngSN on

Hey guys, I got a question on taking the early resolution option.

My dad got the red light camera ticket in the Waterloo (University/Dale). It was 000.7 second proceeded through when the light had been red for 001.5 seconds. We took the second option (early resolution by telephone) since we do live 75km away (in Toronto).

The call is schedule for tomorrow, but I will be calling in instead of my dad. Do I need to show proof that my dad has authorized me or do I just call in? His English is not as fluent so I want to call for him and plead guilty of course.

What should I say when I talk to the prosecutor in order to get a reduced fine to $200? Any advice would be great!


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by: ynotp on

You will not be able to show proof over the phone but it might be a good idea to have your father with you when you make the call in case the prosecutor wants to talk to him as well. (I doubt they will)

You basically say how your dad is sorry for what happened and he would be willing to plead guilty if the fine is substantially reduced. Be sure to mention your fathers age and any extenuating circumstances in his life (if they exist) such as health status. (I once saw a man's fine reduced to $0 by the Justice of the Peace because he was in his 70's and had a chronic illness. Though prosecutors tent to be less generous.)

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