Hta 175(11) Changed To (20) During Early Resolution Meeting Question.

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Hta 175(11) Changed To (20) During Early Resolution Meeting Question.

by: mrbig799 on

I was charged in December with A Fail to Stop For Bus 175(11) but in a ERM, they changed it to the (20) Owner version.

I have two questions. Will the conviction on the (20) show up on my Abstract and effect my insurance?

The other question is that since I am not the actual owner will the conviction still be under my name and have me pay or does it now go to the actual owner and they have to pay?

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by: Zatota on

The owner will have to pay, as the conviction will be in his, her or its name, but you should, of course, offer to reimburse the owner. A conviction of the owner does not affect anyone's driving record as no driver has been identified or convicted. There are no insurance implications.

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by: greasespot on

No is will be fore you to pay as if you were the "owner" I know you are not but it is in your name still. Just the section was changed not who the ticket was issued to. it was changed at court as a way to have no pts associated.

The ticket and none payment will still be in your name

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