TRAFFIC COURT TODAY! PLS HELP. Left turn contrary HTA144(9)

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TRAFFIC COURT TODAY! PLS HELP. Left turn contrary HTA144(9)

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Hi Guys,

Just stumbled on this site today (wish I had earlier). I have court in the aft and was wondering if I could ask for the cops notes today? And when would be the time to do that?!?!

I turned left from Bathurst onto Bloor (7 AM to 10 PM you aren't allowed to). Never been to the intersection before and there is only signs posted at the North side of the intersection (if you are travelling North). Since other intersections have signs prior to the intersection as well as after and this one only had signs after, do I have a shot at going that angle?

Would I have a shot in hell explaining myself? I could not make out the PM and believed it to be AM (since every other intersection I've come across you aren't allowed to turn during rush hour and 10 PM is way after rush hour - wasn't really thinking). It was night time and I was distracted from the lights on Honest Ed's (I have a witness in the car with me) and once I had signaled my intent to turn it would have been unsafe to suddenly go straight (or I would have been in the intersection during a red light). Plus the fact that there were no signs prior to the intersection?

Please help!!

Thanks!! :)

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Hard to believe no-one honked at you?

Do the picture thing and fight it.

You will remember the spot forever and not do it

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The signs are about 30cm away and directly beside both stoplights. :shock:

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer.

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