Left Turn Through Traffic & Bike Lane

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Left Turn Through Traffic & Bike Lane

by: dsfx on

I live in Guelph a very hippie and pro bike city, there is a bike lane on almost every major road. On my way to work this morning i was making a left hand turn across one lane of stopped traffic and a bike lane. The vehicle that stopped to let me turn was an Escalade so it was very large and I could not see around it to see if the bike lane was empty. To be cautions i turned slowly and just before the front of my car entered the bike lane a guy on a bike came out of nowhere. Because i was going slow i was able to stop before I entered and all I got was an overreaction from the biker. This got me to thinking though, what is the right thing to do in this situation? Do you treat a bike lane like a normal lane with traffic in it?

Needless to say I hate bikes, they don't belong on the road.

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