Left Turn When Light Turns, Before Letting Oncoming Traffic

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Unread post by Bookm »

Got a better example last night. This happens frequently at this intersection because apposing cars are often numerous enough that only ONE car in "my" direction will make the light. When the first car zips out first like this, he has allowed for at least one more car behind him to make the light as well. Sometimes being courteous is complicated (and illegal) ;)
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Too bad the plate wasn't more clear on the SUV...good evidence for a racing investigation there!!

That was very rude/ignorant driving, considering there was only one person going the opposite way.....even more so in small town nowhere, where most people know each other, great way so start road rage comments later amongst the two drivers.

Have to wonder where common courtesy has went over the years.....out the window. But you see that everywhere.......people in a rush to go nowhere!! Comes down to lack of time management skills.

Look at a drive's of course not an offence...but why do people have to inch 6 inches up to the next bumper.....they are not getting through the line any faster.....I'd rather sit 3/4 car back, at least the vehicle in front's exhaust isn't being sucked directly into my car air vents.

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer.
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You only need to be close between the speaker and the window. You want your order in as far ahead as possible so you don't slow down the line. This only counts for those ordering more then 1 bagel and 1 coffee at "Tim's" in the morning. Then again why not strech your legs and go inside for that...... :evil: OR
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While I'm not in favour of 172 in general, I am in favour of harsher penalties for this sort of a scenario. Most serious motorcycle injuries and deaths are caused by people making illegal left turns in front of them.

Speaking of which, now that the riding season is about to start... Be careful when making that left turn and double check for smaller vehicles. Motorcycles and scooters are already coming out.

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