Left Turn Ticket

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Left Turn Ticket

by: ticketsucks on


I need help!!! This is my first traffic ticket, I made a left turn on lakeshore going on to yonge st northbound from the second lane, as I thought this was a two lanes to make a left turn, I didnt see the sign. As I am in oakville, we have many major streets with two lanes that go left. Nevertheless, I got a $110 ticket and to top it off, I forgot to change my insurance pink slip so i had the old one in my car and not the new one. I ended up getting two tickets.

Can anyone please help, I have no idea what I should do!!!!!!!

Thanks so much

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The standard stuff applies: Pick option 3 and get a trial date. That at least gives you some options. Once you get a trial date (this can take quite some time), you can file for disclosure to get the officer's notes. The officer's notes would basically show what evidence the Prosecutor has against you.

Then, on the day of trial, you can see if the officer shows up. If he does, then you can try to plea-bargain to a lesser charge, like a municipal by-law infraction. As for the "failure to surrender insurance," you can offer to plead guilty to that one plus a municipal infraction in exchange for dropping the "prohibited turn" ticket.

* The above is NOT legal advice. By acting on anything I have said, you assume responsibility for any outcome and consequences. *
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by: ConcernedDad on

Today I got my first ticket in 26 years. I was driving my car down a main street that was blocked by construction and all traffic ahead was being diverted right down another street. Not familiar with this part of the city I followed the traffic and when we got a block up the two vehicles in front of me turned left and I followed thinking it was a detour around the road closure. I even saw an officer waving the drivers in so (being an idiot) I thought we were being routed around the closure. In fact the officer was ticketeing people for an illegal left turn. The street was not a one way, but left turns were prohibited. Had I not been thrown off my route and had I not followed the other cars or seen an officer waving I would have not turned left.

I got $110.00 fine and three points. Approximately 8 tickets were handed out while I was there.

Now I can suck up the $110 but the three points will affect me as I am a truck driver and they will affect my abstract.

Is there anyway to plea this down? Contact the city or something or will I have to go to court?

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