Improper Left Turn Ticket

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Improper Left Turn Ticket

by: valleypark1 on

Hey im a taxi driver asking for some advice i got a ticket for a left turn that I made from john st on to Richmond st west. I was in the top lane maybe 10-15 feet behind the line and i picked up a customer at this point the light was red. So I got my customer and he asked me to make a left turn to head towards Bathurst st. I checked my blind spot signaled and when the light turned green I moved over in front of the turning lane to make a left turn(no cars in the left lane at this point). So my question is should I fight this ticket or is it my fault and I should just pay for it. Can anybody help thanks.

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by: iFly55 on

What exactly was written on the face of the ticket? The alleged offence and the HTA section number?


John St heading north has two lanes, Lane 1 is for left turns and Lane 2 is for straight-through traffic. Richmond St has three lines going westbound. A proper left turn would be from John St Lane 1 to Richmond St Lane 1.

Based on your original post, it's not very clear; What exactly did you do? Which lanes were you turning from and into?

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