I Recently Received A Traffic Ticket For Improper Right Hand Turn 182(2)

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I Recently Received A Traffic Ticket For Improper Right Hand Turn 182(2)

by: Ohta2018-06 on

Could someone give me some advice.

I have the following questions: regarding ticket for improper turn 182(2)

1. - I requested disclosure three months ago and have not received anything.

What options do I have.

2. - The ticket notes a license plate number but no description of the vehicle.

Should that have been included on the ticket and is this reason enough to have ticket overturned. Is this an important of item to go to trial and try have ticket overturned?

3 - If I were going to an early resolution meeting to resolve, do I request adjournment because I did not receive disclosure?

4 - Is it in my best interest to request a change in the charge to

“Disobey Lane Light 144(10) , which from my understanding does not have any demerit points, and then also request a reduced fine?

5 - Anyone have any experience in having the fine reduced and ticket changed to another charge with less repercussions on insurance?

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by: iFly55 on

Can you describe what exactly happened? What did the officer allege that you did?

You need to follow up with your disclosure request, and get the officer's notes.

What is written on the actual ticket? Section number and the alleged offense?

S182(2) is for Disobey Sign. Improper Right Turn is S141(2), and it's really a completely different charge altogether.

If the offence allegedly happened inside an intersection, the crown attorney can amend the charge to anything inside an intersection. If a traffic light was at the intersection, they can amend a Disobey Sign, Red/Amber light offences to S144(10). From what i'm reading that intersection may need a "bicycle traffic control signal" present.

If I was the JP, and a "bicycle traffic control signal" is not at the intersection where the alleged offence took place. Wouldn't approve the charge to get amended.

The general go to amended charge is S144(12) Green Light. Lots of times, drivers facing a flashing green light don't know that's the same as advanced left turning green. So they see a flashing green light, but don't know what to do. This charge carries $110 fine without demerit points.

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