Got A Ticket For Improper Right Turn

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Got A Ticket For Improper Right Turn

by: anniebasit on

Hi I am so overwhelmed today. I got a ticket for improper right turn at gore road and hwy 50 intersection. I was new to the area and I am not sure what happened how I missed the right no right turn with red light. Ticket is for $110. It's first time in 10 yrs of my driving record I am pulled over by the officer. Can some one please help shall I fight it or just pay the ticket.

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by: highwaystar on

Unless you plan to argue that the light was NOT red or that you didn't make a right on the red, then you really have no defence. A disobey sign charge is an absolute liability offence----you either obeyed the sign or you didn't. Whether you saw the sign is irrelevant. So, unless you plan to challenge the act, your best bet is to schedule an Early Resolution meeting. If your record is relatively clean they will likely offer you a reduced fine of $60 (for a total payable of $80)----that's the minimum fine on Disobey Sign. There is nothing they can do about the 2 demerit points---neither the prosecutor nor the court have discretion over points. Plus, there is no other charge that is lower in demerits that applies to such a scenario.

So, its your call---for a few minutes of your time, you could call in for your meeting and get a $30 discount. That's about as good as it will get. Otherwise, you schedule a trial and argue that the light wasn't red or you didn't make a right on the red which is generally not accepted by the courts. I hope that helps you out!

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