Hydroplaning and got a ticket for improper right turn

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Hydroplaning and got a ticket for improper right turn

by: jeffong_hk on
Sun Aug 07, 2011 5:34 pm

Hi all, this is what happened. Was going to work this morning, road was damp as it was drizzling slightly. I turned right at an intersection and suddenly the car hydroplaned and the back end swung out. Luckily i was able to recover from the slide and did not hit anything or anyone. Unfortunately a cop was on the opposite direction of the road and i was pulled over and given the ticket. Afterwards I came home and checked my tread depth, the tires are quite worn out, having only around 4mm of tread left. The speed of which I turned at was definitely not very quick, was around 30 to 35 at most. I did not have the time to look at the speedo since the car's tail was swinging out.

I know that it is my fault and I should have bought new tires, but tires aren't the cheapest things to buy.

So I am wondering what options do I have and will this increase my premium if I plea. This is my first traffic ticket, I have gotten a parking ticket before, but then I know that doesn't affect insurance.
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