Woman claims God told her to drive 100 mph in 30 mph area

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Woman claims God told her to drive 100 mph in 30 mph area

by: WilsonBent on
Thu Nov 29, 2012 12:20 am

A woman was stopped in Florida last week for driving 100 mph in a 30 mph neighborhood. When asked by law enforcement why she was going so quickly, the female said God told her to get it done. Threatening divine retribution, the officers imprisoned her anyway.

100 mph in a residential zone

The female started driving at one in the morning on November 20 zooming through the United States 1. She had her arm out of the window and the horn on. When the police tried to pull her over, she just led him on a high speed chase. Do not worry; the chase did not last long.

She cut across two lanes and almost hit some automobiles when the chase was finally over. The Toyota almost struck the curb, according to TCPalm.com, when 41 year old Melissa Miller was stopping.

She was in a residential zone marked 30 mph but was seen going 100 mph, according to the police.

Accusing God for her mistake

When she was finally confronted by officers, Miller said that she sped up, waved her arms and laid on her horn due to "the Lord is telling me to do it." She seemed apologetic, but was aware that she was driving 70 miles over the published limit. "I was letting the Lord spirit guide me," Miller reportedly told the officers.

Her Toyota was taken away.

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God excuse worth it in her case

Miller was charged with reckless driving and taken to the St. Lucie City jail. She was kept under a bail bond of $375.

Just the most recent event

The incident is all the more unreasonable in the light of Ms. Miller's recent past. In addition to the careless driving charge, she was also charged with violating her probation. Reportedly, she was still under legal scrutiny for an earlier incident in which she supposedly left the scene of an accident that involved injuries.

Miller is going to have to try a different approach with the judge than trying to convince him that God needed it.


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