Will Ontario Tickets Affect My Alberta Licence?

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Will Ontario Tickets Affect My Alberta Licence?

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I have a question that I haven't been able to get an answer to even after extensive search on the net.

I was a student at the university of alberta until the end of august. I'm originally from Ontario, and have kept my ontario driver's license so far because students can do that. In octobre I went home and got a speeding ticket, I don't remember how fast I was going, but it involved a few demerit points, I believe.

Now I am still living in Alberta, but not a student anymore so I need to get an Alberta licence. My question is. Will the province of Alberta see that I have recieved tickets in Ontario? I.E. will those demerit points received in Ontario go on my record in Alberta?

Also, I can't really afford the fines, because I don't have too much of an income. What happens if I don't pay the Ontario fines? Or is there a way to transfer them to an Alberta court?

What is the best way of going about this?

Thank you for your time, and for the help!

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Expect all Canadian Provinces to have reciprocal agreements with Ontario, with respect to infractions and suspension for lack of fine payment.

Drivers convicted of a driving related offence in the State of New York, the State of Michigan or any Canadian province or territory, will have home jurisdictional penalties such as demerit points and/or suspensions applied to their Ontario driver record as if the offence occurred in Ontario.

Examples of out-of-province convictions where Ontario demerit points and /or suspensions will be applied include:


Fail to obey stop sign

Fail to obey signal light

Fail to stop for school bus


Fail to remain or return to the scene of a collision

Careless driving

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I've done the switching process before (went from Ontario to Michigan, then back to Ontario). They'll get your driver abstract and apply the penalties/demerit points to your new licence based on your "old" licence. As long as your ticket is paid or you've been found not guilty/charge dropped/whatever, you're all set. Yes, the speeding ticket will be on your Alberta driver licence and the associated demerit points, if any, if you've been convicted. Not sure what the demerit point schedule is for Alberta. If the ticket isn't paid, well, that's a BIG problem. Alberta won't issue you a licence and you'll be ineligible for a licence pretty much everywhere in North America if the fines are unpaid. You have to fight the ticket in Ontario, Alberta won't hear it.

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