15 over in Alberta = points in Ontario? Weird situation.

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15 over in Alberta = points in Ontario? Weird situation.

by: CouchEnthusiast on
Fri May 16, 2014 11:11 pm

re-posting in the correct section

I moved out to Alberta for the summer and just got my first ticket, thought I was in a 90 zone (straight, paved road through nothing but fields, usually a 90 in Ontario) but it turned out to be a 70 zone. Got pegged for doing 99 in a 70, but I explained my situation to the officer and he reduced it at the roadside to doing 85 in a 70, 15 over.

Where it gets weird is that doing 15 over the limit in Alberta is 2 demerit points, whereas in Ontario it's zero points. I still have my Ontario licence, Ontario plates, and Ontario registration, so I'm wondering if I will still get dinged 2 points on my licence even though in Ontario I wouldn't get any.

I'm apprehensive about going to court to fight the ticket as well, as I'm told the officer can bring the charge back up to the original, non-reduced speed of 99 in a 70. 30 over would get me twice the fine and 4 demerit points. I'm leaning towards being grateful for the reduced ticket and just paying the fine - and taking the extra 150-300 bucks a year for insurance (21 year old male).

Thanks in advance!
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