Why I Think Most Tickets Should Not Affect Insurance

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Why I Think Most Tickets Should Not Affect Insurance

by: bimmer on

This isn't meant to be a rant or just me complaining. I honestly feel that most tickets should not affect insurance, and heres why. Say a speeding ticket, it is completely to how the officer is feeling weather you get off or not on the road side. Or if you know the right people or play golf with the JP you can get off just about any charge. Recently in my town there was a doctor who was pulled over while far over the limit but due to his money and connections the charge was dropped for some (unknown) reason. To me it makes no sense why buddy who is best friends with the Sargent has a spiffy clean record while I pay huge increases because of my age and luck while speeding.

It is said that insurance rates go up from tickets because you present a higher risk to companies, Id like an explanation as to how the person who has a clean record for years but forgot to renew their licence by just a few days is a higher risk than anyone.

I am not trying to say insurance should not be able to raise rates because I think they should for at fault accidents or other charges like a DUI. To me it really feels like the government is far to buddy buddy with third party insurance and things have to change.

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