When Can I Have My Drivers License Reinstated

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When Can I Have My Drivers License Reinstated

by: Belladonna0818 on

Hello everyone. I was convicted of using a handheld device back in june, and as a g2 driver I got an automatic 30 day suspension effective August 6th. I have already paid the ticket, so my question is, on which day can I have my license reinstated? Would it be the 4th of September (the 30th day) or would it be the 5th (31 days since effective date)?

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by: Decatur on

I would say that after the 30 days has been served, you can have it reinstated. That would be the 5th. This all depends on what the suspension letter said, and your possible actions after you received it. Some suspensions only start after you’ve surrendered your licence to a licensing office.

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