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At Trial For Speeding Plead Guilty To Different Charge 182(2) But Ordered To Pay More Then Set Fine.

by: pirish on

Just looking for info and possible options. so originally in Feb 2021 I was ticketed for speeding 49 over in a 90 (set fine of 294 total payable 359). I sent in my trial request but and kept checking the status and when the date would be. In May 2021 I was convicted by default so I protested it and was able to reopen it and a trial was set for Nov 2021. during the phone call the crown was rude (I'm hard of hearing) and offered me Disobey sign 182(2) with a new fine that would be easier for me to pay (unemployed due to covid) I agreed expecting the set fine thats listed in Schedual 43 by the Ontario court of Justice.

24. Disobey sign 182(2) $85.00

However to my suprise i was ordered to pay 250 total payable of 305. nice reduction of 54$

can the crown ignore the set fine? I've been fortunate to be able to get extensions (3rd) one due to no income (not even social assistance) just to clearify on my DL its 182(2) listed not speeding

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