Went To Trial Today Speeding Ticket Found Guilty

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Went To Trial Today Speeding Ticket Found Guilty

by: Cabby033 on

Trial today with speeding offence.Brought up many points including no manual provided, no series model of laser, no unit of measurement included in disclosure and so on. J.P. was very nice however found guilty. Prosecutor wanted speed amended to original J.P. did not feel the same way.

Based on my experience today unless you have a fatal error on your ticket or they have completely misplaced your disclosure you are in a losing battle.I watched countless people today have a paralegal rep. only to work out a plea deal to a lesser speed or fine, not one refused the deal.As far as the officer not showing up, this officer was on the docket for many different people and yes he was there.Learning experience but well worth it.Mike

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