Should I Plead Guilty Or Not Guilty For Stunt Driving?

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Should I Plead Guilty Or Not Guilty For Stunt Driving?

by: broman on

Hi guys! I'm new to the forum in search for some guidance. I'm from Brampton and this is what happened: So, I'm coming from Sauble Beach on Hwy10 with my wife and a friend, I'm passing near Shelburne and I see the chance to overtake 3 cars that were travelling at 80kmh or less but my purpose was to overtake one at a time (not all three at once). So I started with the first one when I noticed that there was a Dodge Durango tailgating me to do the same, but the space between the overtaken cars was only good for one car, mine. So I decide to step on the gas a little more for both of us to overtake all three; otherwise the guy tailgating me would be screwed. Long story short, we did overtake all of them, before meeting incoming traffic, and we were traveling at 145+ kmh. At that time an OPP spotted us and immediately made a U-turn to catch us both. First thing the officer did was to ask me if I new the other driver, which I didn't. Then he said you were driving 64 over the limit, so your car will be impounded for 7 days and license suspended for 7 days as well. I need to go to court until October, but should I plead guilty or not guilty? I have a clean record and this is my first offence. Any suggestions? I appreciate any insights about this.

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by: highwaystar on

Its unlikely that the prosecution will simply agree to reduce the charge to a speeding offence. 64 over has a total price of $724. So, if speeding is not offered, then you might wish to suggest a Part I careless driving charge instead since that only carries a minimum fine of $400 (total price of $490). Either is better than the minimum $2000 fine and jail potential that stunt driving carries. All 3 charges (speed over 50, Part 1 careless driving and stunt driving) still carry the same 6 points but at least you'd pay less in fines. Of course, if they ARE willing to offer you a 49 over speeding offence---then I would take it and run!

Stunt and careless will usually have similar impacts for insurance purposes such that you may not qualify for traditional insurance and will have to obtain facility insurance, so you really are only trying to get the least possible fine at this stage as possible. Obviously a speeding charge will look best on your record, but there's really no point in having to pay the minimum $2000 stunt fine if you can walk away with the $400 careless fine. Just food for thought.

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