Offence Not Found, And Court Advised It Was "returned To Agency"

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Offence Not Found, And Court Advised It Was "returned To Agency"

by: Bingo on

Hi !

Hopefully I have chosen the correct place to ask this question :)

My son received 2 tickets on July 5. We have been looking daily for these online since, and finally today as the 15 day limit is fast approaching, I contacted the court for advice. The tickets are shown "offence not found" online (I have been grabbing screenshot each day showing dates). The person answering the phone was able to see court copy of the tickets and advised me they were "returned to agency" (but could not tell me date they were returned or reason). I was then advised to mail in the tickets, and that my son would receive a letter to say they were not in system. I understand that a summons can be issued, or ticket re-issued, anytime within the next 6 months). My question is, in terms of the 7 day limit for officer to file does this time "reset" to permit 7 days from time it was returned ? If my son receives a summons at some point in the next six months he will now be required to attend court vs an early resolution meeting which is what he wanted. As well as having this "hanging" for that period of time. Any thoughts ? The tickets were for failing to have insurance card (it was a company vehicle and the owner had not put the updated slip in the van - which I can understand they probably will not pursue. But the other was for using handheld device. It seems strange to me that BOTH tickets were apparently returned.

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