Personal Vehicle - Led Flasher Lights - Any Colours Allowed?

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by: Saibot on

im surprised that no one's answered this yet.

Yes - your turn signals are amber.

Yes - larger vehicles actually outline their shape with amber markers (ie large trucks)

Yes - quite a lot of vehicles come from the factory with amber side markers.

Yes - you can add a flashing or rotating amber light on top of your car if you really wish to (tow trucks do this)

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by: bobajob on

your subject is "flashing lights"

are you wanting to put on flashing lights on permanent lights

unless there is a reason for particular flashing lights as per statue I believe permanent amber is fine

Flashing red lights, visible from any direction on a vehicle, are restricted to law enforcement vehicles only. This restriction does not include four way flashers or tapping the brake pedal to produce an on and off effect with the brake lights. In addition to this, red lights and red and blue combinations of lights to the front are also restricted to law enforcement vehicles. Flashing blue lights are restricted to police vehicles and snow removal vehicles, but only while they are actually engaged in the removal of snow (or de-icing, etc). Flashing green lights are restricted to volunteer fire fighters.

The Highway Traffic Act says nothing specific about under carriage neon lighting, nor about any other specific colours than those mentioned above, so, as long as they conform to the above specifications, they should, in theory, be permitted. One thing to be aware of with respect to under carriage lighting is that a red light may cast a glow around the vehicle that is visible from the front of the vehicle, even though the light is not specifically positioned on the front of the vehicle.

Of course these sections are always open to interpretation by police officers laying charges and ultimately by a Justice of the Peace who determine guilt. Think carefully about how you can articulate your actions in light of the relevant legislation before making any aftermarket modifications to your vehicles lighting.


gigaflop wrote:I know red, blue, green, white are definitely not allowed unless you are a public service vehicle.

Is Amber allowed on personal vehicles?


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