Prison Vehicle With Slow Flashing Amber Lights

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Prison Vehicle With Slow Flashing Amber Lights

by: aharper99 on

I did not know where to post this question since putting it under “Failing to slow and carefully pass a stopped emergency vehicle” is no accurate since the vehicle was not stopped.

I was going into work today (I was in a 60 zone), and I noticed that there was an oncoming vehicle that had flashing amber lights. It was a similar type vehicle to an ambulance. There were no sirens or anything. I did not pull over because at first, I thought it was an oncoming moving tow truck. I noticed when we passed by each other it looked like it was a prison or jail vehicle of some sort. I have never seen anything like this in 15+ years of driving. I know to pull over for Police, Firetrucks and Ambulances in this situation but this one confused me.

So, now I am extremely paranoid that I am going to get a very expensive ticket in the mail. Is this something I should worry about or am I safe? I am freaking out.

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by: whaddyaknow on

Don't freak out. You are 100% in the clear.

Amber lights have no regulatory meaning, except in the case of tow trucks stopped on the side of the road providing service. (Slow down and move over.))

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