Vehicle Lights.

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Vehicle Lights.

by: G.Bell on

I was recently pulled over for and informed by a police officer that my headlights were not in compliance. The vehicle was just purchased 3 weeks ago certified and e-tested. The low beam projector style lights are factory units and are a deep yellow fog type bulb, 55 watts and appprox. 140 candella. The officer informed me that they are required by the H.T.A. to be white. Sec.62 reads Amber or white required one half hour before and after sunset, surise or when atmospheric conditions require. He did not issue a ticket, however told me to change them immediatly or i would be pulled over and harrassed for this further. His parting comment was "That is what you get for buying a "Fancy expensive roadster". In my opinion my choice of vehicle is none of his concern, and in my reading of the relevant sections of tha H.T.A. concerning lighting requirements my car is compliant. I realise that interpretation is subjective and is usually leaned to the norm. Is there any one who can clarify this issue citing relevant law?

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by: JFDavidson on

You must always bear in mind who gets the last laugh in most of these matters. I do believe that having white headlights is more beneficial than amber for safety reasons. White light projects further ahead and provides a safer driving environment. Yes you are allowed amber lights to the front. Remember that you are allowed no more than

4 lighted headlamps to be activated at the same time. Some vehicle modifications have 4 headlights and 2 additional fog lamps. That is an offence to have them on at the same time. Headlights must also be adjusted to project light in a correct manner and not too high and not too low. This is part and parcel of vehicle safety.

If you bought the vehicle with these headlights installed and you have a vehicle safety certificate I would be going back to the issuer of the certificate and have him/her explain how it passed the safety with headlight problems.

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