Parking lot collision, info exchanged except for ins company

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Parking lot collision, info exchanged except for ins company

by: fusioncar06 on
Thu May 08, 2014 3:58 pm

Back in March I was involved in a parking lot collision with a snow plow. I drove into the parking lot and went to the back and saw the snow plow driving quite recklessly and could tell he didn't see me. I came to a complete stop and waited for the plow to move on or at least see me. The driver however did not and reversed about 20 ft straight at me quite fast. The cage on his truck impaled my front driver side and the plow couldn't drive away without dragging my car with it. The police were not called, we exchanged info, the only thing the driver didn't write down was his insurance company's name. ( he wrote down some number and then ONT Corp which i mistook as the insurance company name). I took pics of the accident and have a pic of the man looking at my vehicle. There were no witnesses to the actual accident but there were witnesses to the aftermath as they saw the two vehicles stuck together. My vehicle is now fully repaired however my insurance company cannot file the claim and relieve me of being at fault because they do not have the other drivers insurance company and the driver even after contacting him is not providing it.

Can i still report this accident to the police?
Can I take this matter to court?
Can he be charged with giving me false information?
Are there any special laws about operating a snow plow?
What are my options?

thanks for any input
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by: Stanton on
Thu May 08, 2014 6:08 pm

1) Im not sure why you didnt report the accident right away. It certainly sounds like theres over $1,000 damage which means the accident must be reported by law. The fact that you havent already done so could result in you being charged with failing to report.
2) It would be a civil matter which falls outside the realm of these boards.
3) False information would be a fake insurance company name, policy number, etc. Sounds like he just forgot to give you any info.
4) Probably not unless there's a local bylaw
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