Mcguinty Woos Sports Car Company???

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Mcguinty Woos Sports Car Company???

by: Bookm on

I may have been half asleep when I heard this. Did I hear that Dalton McGuinty is in Italy trying to sell Ontario as good choice to build a new North American plant??

I suspect Alpha will just laugh at him. McGuinty does realize Alpha Romeo is a Sports Car manufacturer, correct? Ontario is the LAST place a performance car company would want to associate with, LOL. It's almost as ridiculous as Ferarri, Mazerati, or Lambourgini coming here! This province is so "ANTI-performance car", I MUST have heard this wrong.

I still get a chuckle that Julian Fantino IS ITALIAN! Speed limits in Italy are MUCH higher than ours. It's clearly the sports car capital of the world. Can you imagine if Fantino implemented the same "racing" laws in Italy as he has here? Italians would have him for breakfast!

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by: MadCow on

Alfa, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari. Yea not the easiest names to spell. :lol:

Alfas would be nice here though, apparently they're great to drive and I think they would do well here. But sadly that would never work, Ontario has some horrible road laws like you said.

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by: Reflections on

Where did you hear this????

And Fantino isn't that Italian, he doesn't say "Mungi" :D OR
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by: hwybear on

I have driven a porsche and Ferrarri on the 401 as well as local both, I thought I was back on the farm driving a tractor, it was so rough, yet so low to the ground like being on a toboggan......think it was due to the poor roads we have. Owing them is more of a "status" symbol...see me thing! As you can't enjoy the ride.

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer.
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