Just Paid For A Parking Ticket And I Was No Where Near ...

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Just Paid For A Parking Ticket And I Was No Where Near ...

by: zoran1983 on

Kinda stumbled on this this board via google search

I just paid for a parking ticket, and the day in question I was no where near toronto .. I was sitting home in Hamilton

ticket was $30 .. so to actually make a trip to Toronto and to go to court.. it would cost me more than $30

I tried calling the number provided in the back .. that didn't get me anywhere .. all I asked for was a copy of an actually ticket where it says make and color of my car... but nopeee, they just told me they can't cancel the ticket and I can go to court and fight it

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by: iFly55 on

I would try calling the residents at 38 Trefann St: http://www.canada411.ca/res/4165198410/ ... 67067.html

Tell them you received a ticket in front on their property, and if they know what happened.

To receive this type of ticket, the property owner would have contacted parking enforcement. So if you can't get information from the city, you can try getting it from the property owner.

It's unlikely you'll receive refund or compensation unless you go through the trial process. Most likely the parking enforcement officer recorded the wrong plate number; in most jurisdictions the make, type (4D, 2D, SUV, Van), colour, val-tag (plate expiry date) are on the face of the ticket.

This would have been very easy for you to fight, especially if the any of the above didn't check out with your specific vehicle.

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