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by: Reflections on

WTF. Where did you see this?, still giggling.....

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by: royal123 on

Reflections wrote:WTF. Where did you see this?, still giggling.....

It happened this morning on McCowan Road, Markham.

So funny, I should have taken a picture.

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by: tdrive2 on

Humm maybee it was Julian Fantino looking for street racers.

It would be my best guess that putting an out of service on a cop car would deceive people so he could catch them and slap 172 on them and take their car.


To be honest it sounds like a angry civilian just put it on the car and the cop didnt notice. Probally someone who saw a cop and dislikes our police so they just put it as some sort of smart ass coment.

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by: viper1 on

repair people have to do that.

Been going for years.



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by: hwybear on

Civilians taking cruisers for mainteance and repair. Or could be an officer taking a disabled cruiser for service (ie: lights and/or siren, radio not working)

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