Viewing Speed Registered By Police Cruiser

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Viewing Speed Registered By Police Cruiser

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I wonder if anybody knows if you have the legal right to view police radar on board police cruiser. I was denied that request and the answer was that I do not have that right after repeated request I was told that there is no value on the radar at this point.

I know for a fact that I did not travel even close to speed and I sow that police cruiser park on the side with emergency lights on and police officer walking to his car.

Minute later, he pulls me and car traveling behind me for speeding. I feel that if there is evidence against me and Im park 4 feet from it, I should be able to see it. In this case I new that he will not be able to produce any proof because a he was outside of his car while I passed him.

Please replay

Thanks in advance

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In Ontario, there is no provision in the Highway Traffic Act nor any other act, that requires the police officer to show you the speed measuring device or the speed it has recorded. Imagine how an officer conducting speed enforcement from a plane or helicopter would show the device to a drive on land. You may wish to challenge the offence based on what you have posted to this board. The issue you may wish to argue, or have someone argue on your behalf, may be the continuity of the offence. If the officer did not maintain a constant visual of you/your vehicle, you may have a possible defence. You should discuss the various options with an trained traffic agent.

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