Option 3 Meeting With The Prosceutor Vs Option 2

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Option 3 Meeting With The Prosceutor Vs Option 2

by: gaaravang on

I want to contest a ticket in court but I was advised by the lady at the front counter that I will not have the chance to meet the prosecutor before the trial unlike option 2 to discuss the charge. This is at the Belleville court of justice.

1. Would option 3 only let me see the judge or will I also be able to meet the prosecutor before the trial?

2. Can I plead guilty to the charge on the day of the court meeting if I choose the trial option?

Thanks in advance.

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by: bend on

You'll be able to talk to the prosecutor the day of your trial. They may offer you a reduced charge. If you choose to accept, you'll plead guilty to the new charge. If they don't offer you anything, you can still plead guilty. If you want to continue with a trial, you can do that too.

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