Ocasional Flames from Exhaust, Charge?

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Ocasional Flames from Exhaust, Charge?

by: LCX on
Sun Oct 27, 2013 7:43 pm

I was driving to work the other morning and my car (i'm not going to get into what it is etc but its a modified turbo) and I got stopped by the OPP because he said he saw fire coming from my exhaust on gearshifts and deceleration. He gave me a warning to sort it out or I would be charged, when I asked with what he said "Do you really want to go there?" and sent me on my way.... I was courteous and driving within the law.

What exactly can he charge me with ?

Thanks in advance
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by: highwaystar on
Mon Oct 28, 2013 2:18 pm

A slew of charges might apply, depending on what's really going on. For example:

* No muffler ‑ motor vehicle --- s. 75(1)
* Improper muffler ‑ motor vehicle ---s. 75(1)
* Excessive fumes----s.75(3)
* Refuse or fail to place vehicle in safe condition --s.82(9)
* Refuse or fail to remove unsafe vehicle from highway --s.82(9)
* Operate unsafe vehicle on highway contrary to officers prohibition --s.82(9)
* Operate unsafe vehicle --s.84

If flames are coming out of your car, somethings wrong. That's not normal! Get it fixed or be prepared to pay up!
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by: bend on
Mon Oct 28, 2013 5:02 pm

I'm just going to go on a complete guess since there isn't enough information. Some may apply to you, some may not.

You car is running rich and you've got some unburnt fuel sparking up in your exhaust. I'm going to assume you're not using your stock catalytic converter(s) and replaced them with something less restrictive or you'd be cooking that fuel in your cat(s) along with damaging them in the process. Removing cat(s) on a vehicle originally equipped with them is against the Environmental Protection Act. Perhaps there's another ticket here somewhere regarding the exhaust system, I don't know because you haven't gone into too much detail. That's just the obvious ticket that isn't a matter of opinion or discretion. If the officer deems it too loud, it's another ticket. That one would be completely up to the officers discretion.

Whether or not there's a no muffler ticket involved here only you could really answer since there's not enough details.

I'm sure there's plenty of vague charges along the way that the officer can apply to you based on his discretion. Some may be somewhat serious depending how they are interpreted to your situation.
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