Notice By Mail,convicted! Fines And Suspension Looming?

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Notice By Mail,convicted! Fines And Suspension Looming?

by: Mistakenidentity on

I came here hoping somebody can advise and clarify a certain case of mistaken or stolen identity?

5 minutes before Christmas I received no less than 5 envelopes from the

Ontario court of justice

Provincial Offences court

City of BARRIE

FL TO SURRENDER DR LICENSE as well as 4 other traffic or vehicle violations? October 2018

First of all I haven't been to Barrie in 2-3 years at best? Also the vehicle plates are not mine either?

But my full name and address/city/postal code are printed on official notices x5?

I am curious how someone without confirming photo identity can convince a police officer they are someone else who lives at least 1 1/2hrs away and what can I do or am obligated legally to do to prove otherwise?

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by: terdferguson on

You need to contact the Provincial Offences Office responsible for the charges- in this case Barrie.

A good start would be to find out which agency (OPP, Barrie Police, MTO, etc) issued the offence notices. Then you would need to follow up with them directly. If someone used your name, that is a serious criminal offence. Perhaps the issuing officer can shed some light on how the person was identified since they didn't surrender a driver's licence as per the charges. There are other databases with photos available to police, but maybe that didn't happen.

Is there someone you know (family or friend) that may have used your name if they were stopped?

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