Licence suspension for non payment of bicycle fines?

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Licence suspension for non payment of bicycle fines?

by: orillia3 on
Mon Nov 11, 2013 6:28 pm

Section 47 of the HTA says your licence will be suspended for non-payment of fines.

If you have a drivers licence, will your licence be suspended for fines received riding a bicycle and not paid?. Does this include all fines, including municipal bylaw fines and HTA fines.

One woman told me her young son got a ticket for a bicycle offence, did not tell her and did not pay the fine. She was told they issued a temporary licence to her son, then suspended it. Will this suspended licence now hang around until the son goes to get a real drivers licence, and have to get the temporary licence un-suspended with the $145 payment (as well as the fine).

Is there any consequence for not paying bicycle fines if one does not need or intends to get a drivers licence, surely there must be additional measure to collect the bicycle infraction fines other that suspending a drivers licence.
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by: Decatur on
Tue Nov 12, 2013 4:02 pm

Section 46 is actually the section you should be looking at for suspension of a drivers licence for non-payment of a fine.
And yes. It does apply to fines received while driving a bicycle. This includes convictions under the HTA and any act listed in the schedule to this section.
If convicted of an HTA offence and the person does not hold a licence, the MTO will create a drivers licence number for that person and then suspend it until the fine and reinstatement fee is paid.
Unpaid parking tickets issued under a by-law must be paid before a licence plate is renewed.

I believe that other unpaid fines that don't result in a suspension may be forwarded to a collection agency at some point and may affect a persons credit rating.
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