Limitation Period, Error on Ticket

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Limitation Period, Error on Ticket

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Going to court this week to fight a ticket for using my cell phone while driving. Fighting it because while I was on a call through my handsfree bluetooth, the cop said he saw the phone in my hand, which is wasn't.

Aside from testifying my side of the story, I've notice one other thing that may help my case.

While the the ticket shows the wrong direction on the highway, I was going Eastbound on the 407 West of Dufferin, the ticket says I was going Westbound on the 407 East of Bathhurst.

Upon recieving disclosure in preparation for my court case, the officers notes show the correct location, Eastbound on the 407 West of Dufferin.

Anything I can do with that in court this week?

Any insight would be appreciated!

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