Error On Ticket

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Error On Ticket

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My daughter was stopped late at night just prior to midnight, due to a scanned license plate issue.

When stopped, she provided registration and insurance, and the cop wrote her a ticket for not having insurance in effect. She had the correct pink slip that showed the car was insured.

So she called the insurance company the next morning, and found out that they had cancelled her insurance for non payment, which came out monthly on her credit card.

Turns out that she was moving from Ontario to Quebec at the exact time that the Insurance company was trying to send her registered notifications (which they were) but she didn’t receive them because she had moved, and the address change she had submitted hadn’t shown up yet.

Bottom line is she really didn’t know that her insurance wasn’t in effect. That next morning, she re-established insurance, and the vehicle was insured by 10am.

The cop gave her 24 hours to produce proof of insurance, and told her they would call her the next day. They never did, and instead she got a summons.

The ticket that they gave her is missing the year at the top. They wrote in the Month and Date and Time, but omitted the year. Is this sufficient to raise probable cause?

If not, does she have a sufficient reason to avoid paying the $5000 fine?

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