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by: Reflections on

Bear, look what you started........ :evil: :evil: :evil:

Anarchy will reign.......run for your lives..........

I will be reading, carry on....

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by: racer on

Reflections wrote:

Yeah but, A GULLY/LAW post might crash the site...........

Just having a little fun........keep up the research boys.

gullyfourmyle wrote:

Hwybear may be right. Together we could crash this site - or if not that maybe the legislature.

This site cannot be crashed :lol: (I hope.........) If you do, where are you guys gonna vent your anger at all thing driving?

Now having said that, I do agree that cellphones should be banned. Although I see people eating while driving, and that is likely to be worse, but try telling that to a MPP who lives of Tim Horton's Boston Cream donuts while driving to Queen's Park. Just one of the limits of today's society - there is simply not enough time for some. Some mid-level executives live off their BlackBerries, wake up on alarms set on BB's, check email every 5 minutes, send emails every 15, etc. Perhaps we need cars that drive by themselves - get in, punch in a destination, ands a car drives you there, while the "driver" can sleep in it.

"The more laws, the less justice" - Marcus Tullius Cicero
"The hardest thing to explain is the obvious"

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