Owner Notification in writing of Vehicle Impoundment Letter

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Owner Notification in writing of Vehicle Impoundment Letter

by: HTANub on
Mon Nov 17, 2014 2:19 am

I was presented with a summons to a stunt driving charge on November 1st and the vehicle ownership is under my dad's name for insurance reasons.
It says on my impoundment form there is supposed to be a form mailed to the owner to notify the owner of the vehicle impoundment.

My dad does not yet know about the charge and do not plan on it (I am switching insurance companies and changing ownership of the car).
Is has been over 2 weeks since the charge and nothing has been received in the mail, how long do these letters usually take to come? I live in Whitby which is on the eastern side of the GTA.

Note I received my drivers license restatement form 6 days after the charge so I don't understand why the letter to notify about the impoundment hasn't come in yet.

Subnote: The officer made a mistake on the impoundment form listing me as the owner of the vehicle and my dad as the driver but the ticket was issued to me. So I was able to pickup the vehicle just over a week ago. The impound lot did not check my ownership and only verbally asked if I was the owner which I did say to get the vehicle back.
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