No Insurance & Plates Not Authorized For The Car

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No Insurance & Plates Not Authorized For The Car

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i was givin a court summon for driving with no insurance and plates werent authorized for the car... and failure to show permit...

the car is not registered under my name... does that make any diff?

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Several years ago, my buddy and I were towing home my latest project, a 1965 Comet. Well the rope kept breaking and it was getting dark, so I decided to drive it the remaining mile or so. Well I got busted just a couple blocks from my house:

1) No Insurance

2) Invalid Plates

I went to court as per the summons. I explained to the JP that, at that time, I felt it was safer to just drive the short distance home, rather than continue to try towing it. She was in a good mood that day and lowered the fine to $250 (from the minimum at the time of $500). I think the minimum today is $5,000 so I would strongly suggest you speak to a lawyer! Perhaps he can work out a plea deal with the crown that would see you pleading to a lesser charge.

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