Help License Suspended Medical Review For Alcohol Dependence

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Help License Suspended Medical Review For Alcohol Dependence

by: petercameronkennedy on

Hey everyone,

Need some help here please. Here's what happened. I'm going through a nasty divorce right now. About 6 weeks ago I tied one on pretty good. I was not driving, but friends wound up calling an ambulance because I passed out in the bathroom. Let me say I do not drink very often. When I got to the hospital the doctor said he would be reporting me to the MTO. A few days later my driver's license suspension came in the mail. I made an immediate appointment with my family doctor and she filled out the Substance Use Assessment, in my favor. My doctor has known me for 4 years and filled out the form stating my drinking was within minimal risk. I get a second notice from the MTO asking for a host of info. So I go back to my doctor, she writes a letter stating:

- the reason why I went to the hospital

- I do not have any medical conditions which should discredit my driving abilities

- My drinking is within minimal risk levels

- She is supportive of my license being reintstated immediately

SO I fax this off, along with my blood work which shows all levels are within proper range and that I AM NOT addicted to drugs or alcohol. I just get another, third, letter from the MTO requesting THE EXACT SAME INFO.

WTF am I supposed to do? I can't shell out $2000 for a ticket defenders place to help me. Anyone on here who can help I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks for reading.

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by: bend on

Doctors are required by the province to report certain conditions (there's a list). They will do this for anyone who is over 16 (anyone eligible for a license). Because you blacked out and alcohol was involved, they have to submit a form to the ministry. That's where the suspension comes in.

This is something that you and your doctor will need to take care of. A "ticket defender" or any sort of representation is not going to be of much use unless you plan on appealing the suspension. You'd be better off settling this with a doctor and waiting.

It looks like you've done most of the work already. Once your doctor provides the required information, they'll review your case. If they've shot back another request form, it's probably because something is missing. If not, send the paperwork in again. Otherwise, just pick up the phone and call them. You can check the status of your file.

Once everything is settled, they'll review your case. It'll take several weeks so I wouldn't count of getting your license back immediately.

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