Drivers License Medical Suspension (Due to Police Report)

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Drivers License Medical Suspension (Due to Police Report)

by: Nicholas on
Wed Apr 03, 2013 2:50 am

Ok 5 months ago I was involved in a minor accident (veered of the road) ... Two months later I get a letter in the mail saying that my licence has been suspended due to certain medical conditions:
1. Syncope
2. Physicatric Condition
Had my family physician fill out the attached forms and then waited like a month and a half only to be informed that more medical information is required and my symptoms have now changed to black-outs which is basically the same as the first and panic attacks ... had to fill out the exact same forms again and then again.. Now I am wondering how a police officer in Ontario has more medical knowledge then a doctor or even the ability to diagnose someone ... I have lost my job because of this and now I have been offered a new job and this license thing may yet again prevent me from taking it ... So I was let go from my job from my previous employer so I can't collect unemployment and I can't collect disability because there is no medical condition what the hell do I do ... Please any advice would be great ... Oh and the best part is now the officer who diagnosed me with said medical condition in now facing numerous charges including assault, and falsifying evidence
Brian Smith
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by: Brian Smith on
Wed Apr 03, 2013 11:15 am

A police officer cannot diagnose a medical condition. Even if they did, who would accept the accuracy? I've had drivers at collision scenes tell me that they blacked out, both for long term medical conditions and "its never happened before...". I've always sent letters to MTO expressing my concern, in the event that the ER doctor doesn't tell me he will be doing it. I've had a few angry phone calls from the drivers in the months that follow. One of them told me on the phone that he thought telling me he blacked out would be better than admitting he fell asleep.

As an aside, I also send MTO letters advising of drivers that are night blind, suicidal, and suffer from severe drug and alcohol addiction problems. I'm not a doctor, but can certainly tell when someone is a clear danger on the roadway.

In your case, you need a doctor to provide a letter stating that they believe you do not suffer from the conditions described and that you are medically safe to drive on the highway.
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by: HPTO on
Wed Apr 03, 2013 12:11 pm

I don't know if its possible to request the form that is filled out for the drivers licence review. You must state the reason why you believe the driver is a hazard and give an explanation. You could also try filing a freedom of information request regarding this with the police service. Abuse of this review puts a bad name on those of use that use it sparingly and for its intended purpose.
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by: BB123 on
Tue Jun 11, 2013 5:50 pm

Hi Just wondering if you got your license back?

My story is slightly different, I did faint (first time) and went to the ER and my license has been suspended. My family doctor assures me that all the test came negative and it could have been the heat.

I got a Notice of suspension on Friday, saying that it would be reinstated "When you File a Satisfactory Medical Report". But unlike the others in the forum I never got a letter asking for for additional medical tests or questioner for the doctor. So I don't know how to submit the MOT

Please Advice
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