Just Received My Notice Of Suspension For Alcohol Dependence

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Just Received My Notice Of Suspension For Alcohol Dependence

by: blairg on
Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:32 pm

I went to the hospital last Wednesday (sober, didn't drive myself there). I was concerned I may be having liver problems, I had been feeling strange the last few days and after doing some googling it seemed to point to liver problems. I am a drinker (not anymore, I haven't had a drink since last Tuesday night) and my liver enzymes were elevated but not terrible. However I told the attending phyisician at the hospital that I do drink quite a bit. He asked if I had a licsence and thinking nothing of it I said yes. Today I received my suspension effective Sunday and a medical questionaire to be filled out by my doctor to determine if I am safe to drive. Has anyone been through this? I'm freaking out.
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by: ricknu on
Thu Nov 07, 2013 5:49 pm

Exact same thing happened to me in exactly the same detail. I do feel there are some serious issues with this practice. If you have not been charged with an offense then the reasons for such a suspension and the practices of dealing with it should not happen. How could such a thing happen if this fell under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Note the following:
Well first off let us put it out there that driving has, with purpose in mind, arbitrarily defined driving as a privilege rather than a right. In this way charter rights can be skirted and thus do not apply. This makes any individual totally at the mercy of those charged with making policy, perhaps influenced by special interest groups. In practical terms the concept of a tribunal could be seen as simply window dressing and potential damage control. So let us not mince words and instead call a spade a spade. Most relevant comments elsewhere here have been made with the intention of being pragmatic and in typical Canadian fashion fail to register concerns based on a completely fatalistic attitude. Is there another side to this issue? Most definitely there is and a valid one.

Note the following link taken from a blog which constitutes among other related issues, this one:

http://duicanrevisited.blogspot.ca/2013 ... ng-on.html

One thing for sure. Should this issue of the revoking of licenses be linked to legislation governing the actions of all health care providers. The numbers of those considering using health providers will dwindle. The risks involved are just too great. This legislation will lose its effectiveness.
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