Got Careless Driving ticket in Guelph, Worst Court Ever !!

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Got Careless Driving ticket in Guelph, Worst Court Ever !!

by: davidjcouncell on
Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:36 pm

Well, in 2009, I enrolled in University Of Guelph. I was on Victoria Street, and the lady in front of me just stopped. I hit her from behind, and her car was somewhat scratched. The police officer gave me a Careless driving ticket. After 10 days, I put the ticket in court to fight it. When, I got the trial date, went to the court on that day. There was an old guy in the court as prosecutor. He was the worst guy I have ever seen, a true life hatter.... He offered me " Follow to Closely". I said "NO", and he goes well, we will have the trial. I was NOT at Fault.... During this event, I was sitting in the back seat, when I saw, a paralegal doing his stuff in the court. I asked him for help, He looked at the ticket and goes to me, " What do you want me to do"? I said to him, "Get rid of it". He took on my case, and after 2 months, I got a call from him,,,, To appear in Court on my new court date.

I went there, and waited till 11:30 am for my turn. After 30 minutes in court, the Judge goes " Mr. Murray, you have not proven this case beyond a reasonable doubt", case dismissed.... I was so happy.... I must say, if you need a good paralegal, contact Westminster Law Firm in Guelph. Mr. Khan was true to his words.... He never told me any magic stories or false hope, but the reality. Do not just go there and try to defend yourself... the courts are money making machines,,,

Thank you for help, Westminster Legal Firm.
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